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"Breakfast Anytime" with a touch of Class!!

On a recent trip to Orlando I discovered a new breakfast spot. In no way do I want to compare Keke's Cafe to your neighborhood Ihop or Denny's, but for lack of any other comparison, Keke's Cafe is the best morning quick eatery I've discovered to date.

The first thing I noticed was the open dining setting that accompanied 90% booth seating. Hey a booth is the only way to dine for breakfast right?? It gets better. There was no CARPET. No carpet that carries the smell of meals passed long ago. The wait staff was not only accomadating but also funny. Shout outs to Donald who now knows the not so subtle difference between butter (countrycrock) and Butter, Real butter. Lol!!

So with my twinnings earlgrey tea and oj, I enjoyed a meatlovers omelette with a strawberry waffle...presentation on point. My guest enjoyed the eggs benedict.

Not to worry South Florida, your local Keke's are located in Wellington AND Boynton Beach.

Final verdict: we approve, we approve.
Bakinsodabetty approved.

Ft. Lauderdale Blogger Tasting @ Spatch Peri-Peri

Spatch is a contemporary eatery situated in the heart of a what I call Federal “Food” Highway in East Fort Lauderdale.

When you enter, you are welcomed by a well-thought-out setting, a marriage of culture and modern features. The ceiling is covered with overhead lights, covered with traditional handwoven baskets from South Africa, and a main wall boasts a mural with the face of a woman that was shipped from South Africa. The setting is an air of culture, so much so you feel like you’re in a different place. Kudos!


The Food
The menu offers a variety of mouth-watering offerings, from salads to sandwiches. Our most gracious host, Stavros Florias, took us through the Spatchology/History of Portuguese explorers' first encounter with Peri-Peri (African Bird’s Eye Chili) that clearly impressed them so much, we are now able to enjoy the same experience right here in Fort Lauderdale.

The chicken, however, is where the Peri-Peri sauces get to show off. The chicken is prepared in what is called Spatchcock, a technique where the chicken is split down the middle and flattened. The steroid-free, hormone-free, never-frozen bird is then marinated in Spatch's secret spices for 24 hours, and then grilled over an open flame.

Here is how you order:
   1. choose your chicken
   2. choose your inferno level/Peri- Peri Sauce
   3. choose your side


So I was apprehensive about the Birds Eye Chilli being the Highlight of Spatch, cuz……. that would imply HOT!!!! So, yeah, yeah, I was completely a“chicken” and did not try it Hot. LOL!! I went with the “Mmm Mango.” Something for everyone.



Although I tried everything on the menu, my favorites were:

The Kale Quinoa Salad ( super food winner ) absolutely won me over to eating kale raw. It also has butternut squash, raisins, apples, and pumpkin seeds with feta cheese, and is served with a honey-mustard dressing.

In case you can’t tell, I am a complete foodie. I am not fond of raw greens or grains, so I was surprised that, of the bowls they offered, I liked the Quinoa Bowl over the Super Mac and Cheese, the South Western Bowl. The Quinoa Bowl has coconut quinoa, mixed lettuce, dried cranberries, almond, and mint, and is topped with chopped Spatch chicken.

And, since that was entirely not enough food…let’s get into the sandwiches. We tried the Spatch: the chicken club. But just at the mention of grilled pineapple - the Pineapple Chicken Sandwich with avocado and pickled onions, etc. - I was all in.

The chicken was moist, the food fresh, and, even though I ate too much, I didn’t feel guilty. I didn’t feel like I would pay for it in the gym. The wait-staff were pleasant and friendly. An evening well-spent in sampling another culture.

I do have a chicken bone to pick with y'all, though…So, at the end of the meal, we parted with a dessert conveniently wrapped in a brown package. I took one; and, while driving home, I casually opened and nonchalantly popped a piece of chocolate chip cookie in my mouth. UMMM, hello! That was no regular chocolate chip cookie, SPATCH!!!!!. Ya’ll never mentioned a thing about that delightfully sinful treat. I returned a few days later to purchase all that were at the counter which later they became this.


Thank you for hosting the @ftlBloggers....



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