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If my memory serves me correctly Roses, in their natural environment and not MAN ipulated, Roses, had thorns. Now my mind as usual was thinking. The old saying “Life is not a bed of roses”, implies that life is hard filled with ups and downs, troubles, torment, turmoil yada yah. Well HELLLOOOO!!! Then to me then for sure, life is a bed of roses because roses are/ were filled with thorns especially in the era that the saying originated. Laying on thorn filled roses …..pretty unbearable and uncomfortable don’t you think? So for that saying to be relative and USEABLE then the saying should read “Life is NOT a bed of rose petals”……. waaaaaay more suitable as nice, soft pretty pink or red pet...

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I AM two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality/life.

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While it's one thing to remove negative people from your life and to try your best to stay away from negative situations, it becomes a whole other story stopping your own negative thoughts. Think for a moment, while you go about your day, how many negative thoughts you actually have! When I did, I was quite astonished at how negative I was towards myself. Now, with this in mind, I thought to myself, well if I’m this negative in my own thoughts of myself, then what on earth else would be happening to me externally?Unable to render embedded object: File (? I could use last week as an example (the first week of the the year). For a moment, the whole 2017, best year yada yah I should have packed it in, because it seemed as if Murphys L...

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